27 Things I learned While I Was 27


What a WEIRD age twenty-seven was for me. From having to defend not being married with kids yet to my parents, to having to justify moving out of state to pursue my career to others…OMG LEAVE ME ALONE. Twenty-seven held some of the most interesting, exciting and heart-wrenching lessons so far. Here they are!

1. Taking a trip alone is invigorating, fun and totally worth it.

2. Date yourself. Be your own best friend. Don’t wait for some loser to take you to go see a movie you’re really into. Just go see it. BONUS: You won’t have to share your snacks 😉

3. Don’t ever compare your REAL self to someone else’s social media projected image. They look like a mix between Martha Stewart and some kind of goddess with the perfect boyfriend and flawless skin, but in real life…they probably struggle with IBS or have a hentai obsession. Chill. No one is THAT perfect.

4. When someone disrespects you, it’s a reflection of who they are and has nothing to do with you.

5. Never regret loving someone unconditionally, even if they can’t reciprocate. Be proud to have a loving heart.

6. Uber is WAY cheaper than a DUI.

7. Learn to be honest about and communicate your feelings. It’s better to lose someone who doesn’t respect your feelings than to bite your tongue and have a relationship that isn’t rooted in honesty and mutual respect.

8. Handwritten notes are the best thing ever and the perfect way to let someone know why you appreciate them. 

9. Moving across the country alone to a state where you literally know no one is one of the best things you can do for your confidence and independence. It will also force you to question yourself and figure out what truly makes you happy.

10. Stop trying to control and manipulate the outcomes of every, little thing. Enjoy the process. Sometimes things work out better naturally than you could have ever dreamed. If not, it was probably a lesson that you just HAD to learn the hard way because you can’t ever listen to anyone (hehe whoops).

11. It’s ok, necessary and healthy to walk away from a friendship that hurts you in any way. If you feel unappreciated…you probably aren’t imagining it.

12. You are way tougher than you think.


14. Date people without expectations. It’s worth it and fun to meet and have experiences with someone who isn’t right for you.

15. Use all of your vacation days and never let anyone make you feel bad about it.

16. Cooking for the people you love is so fun and satisfying.

17. Take one moment a day to be truly grateful for something. 

18. Being in the presence of animals and children is therapeutic. 

19. ALWAYS buy cage free eggs.

20. Taking a day to just cry and feel upset is ok. Life is hard and confusing sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask your mom for advice.

21.There is NO place like home. 

22. It’s worth it to learn to truly listen and find a small way to make someone’s day better.

23. Use Tinder.

24. Get the tattoo, post the selfie, do whatever makes you happy…unless it’s butchering people. That’s messed up, bro.

25. When someone REALLY cares about you, it’s won’t be a mystery as to whether they do or not. Stop analyzing. Trust your gut.

26. Every one of my heroes is either related to me or is one of my best friends. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interview lots and lots of celebrities and very talented amazing people. They don’t hold a candle to the people who send me “how’s your day?” texts.

27. Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. You can’t give to anyone if you are depleted of love for yourself.

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